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$75 Harnesses

Aslan's Jaguar was an instant classic when it was revealed a few years ago. This is the Jaguar that started it all. Made from soft and supple garment leather, the Jaguar's nickel-plated D-rings allow for easy leg strap adjustment and... Read more

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The SpareParts jock-strap-style harness is made of spandex and polyester harness to stretch and conform to your body. Strong and sturdy enough for the most enthusiastic strap-on play, this harness is entirely waterproof, machine-washable, and will accomodate any dildo up... Read more

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We've been searching for the perfect underwear harness since we first opened our doors back in the nineties, but until SpareParts launched the Tomboi and Sasha harnesses, we were skeptical that such a thing could even exist. Ever the perfectionists,... Read more

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We're going to be totally honest with you here: the SpareParts Tomboii has so much going on that there's simply no way to do justice to it in a web description, but we'll try. If you know us at all,... Read more

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Aslan Leather's classic Jaguar harness has a colour and style to fit anyone. Light a fire with the Jaguar jock-style (two-strap) strap-on in sexy, Cherry red. Nickel-plated D-rings on the leg straps make for a good fit and comfortable wear.... Read more

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Montreal-based Oxyd Creations have brought a new level to the universe of DIY bike tube harnesses. Also to detailed harness descriptions. Check out what they have to say about this stunning harness: The exterior of this harness is made from... Read more

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We didn’t think there would ever been anything better than the SpareParts Joque Harness, but that was because we never considered the possibility of the Deuce! This classic jock-strap style harness can accommodate a penis as well as a dildo... Read more

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Aslan Leather's Minx harness is a hot corset-style leather harness that combines the incredible dildo-harnessing capabilities of the classic Aslan Jaguar harness with an unbelievably sexy lace-up corset back. If you already have an Aslan Leather Jaguar Harness in your... Read more

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Forced orgasm play fans are in for a new treat with this comfortable leather harness designed to hold a Magic Wand Original / Magic Wand Rechargeable (or similar wand massager) securely in direct contact with the genital or anal area. The harness... Read more

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We've never been the same since we first laid eyes on SpareParts' new femmetastic harness, Bella. The Bella features removable garter clips, delicate lace overlay, a seductive window to frame a hint of ass cleavage, with a bold black bow... Read more

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Aslan's classic strap-on harness in sexy g-string style. Fully adjustable with interchangeable rubber rings to fit the toy of your choice up to 2 inches in diameter. G-string strap can hold a dildo or butt-plug in-place on the wearer. Nickel-plated... Read more

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If you've ever wanted your favourite plug or dildo stay in place during play, or you're just sick and tired of holding your toy in place with your hands when they could be otherwise engaged, this Aslan Leather harness might... Read more
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This supple and soft garment leather harness from Toronto's indie Unicorn Collaborators is amazingly adjustable, durable, functional, and sexy as hell! Combine it with one of their matching garment leather strap-on harnesses to complete the look. D-rings and O-rings on... Read more
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Whew, this is a sleek and sexy harness! The front part of the harness is made with Aslan's thick grade rubber, and all the straps on this jock-style harness are made with their thin and grippy vegan material... Read more

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Aslan Leather's does rubber as well as they do leather. This classic two-strap harness is made of conveyor-belt style reinforced rubber for extreme durability as well as a sexy leather-style aesthetic. Fully adjustable with nickel buckles on both sides of... Read more

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When we saw this chest harness for the first time, we knew we absolutely had to offer it via our online shop. It's such a perfectly classic design, and made by some absolutely wonderful people. Harness up for some BDSM... Read more
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Aslan's trademark soft garment leather strap-on harness in luscious brown chocolate leather with brass hardware - Steampunk style! Fully adjustable interchangeable rubber rings to fit the toy of your choice up to 2" in diameter.

Medium fits hips/waist approximately 29"-... Read more

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Looking for a new way to experience penetration? Aslan's Pouch Harness is designed specifically to hold a dildo in place while safely and comfortably holding your own package in a soft leather lined pouch.

Fits hips 26"-44". Nickel-plated hardware.

Read more
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Aslan Leather's Jaguar Harness is a staple here at Come As You Are. Soft, sumptuous garment leather, smooth lines, and a lifetime warranty are just a few of the perks of this popular harness. Aslan now has the Nicki on... Read more

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If there's one word we would associate with this harness, it's luxurious. Made with a plush and delicious golden leather, it's completed with golden hardware and o-ring. Step into each of the thigh straps, and then secure the harness around... Read more
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This gorgeous, handmade in Toronto gear from Unicorn Collaborators just gets better and better! This super sexy chest harness in GOLD leather is the perfect bondage and fashion accessory - especially in combination with Unicorn's equally amazing gold leather strap-on... Read more

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This is a beautiful harness we're now offering from Unicorn Collaborators. Made with a plush garment leather, this harness is available in many striking colours of leather. To wear, step into each of the thigh straps, and then secure the... Read more
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Get ready for the ride of your life! This amazing hand-harness from SpareParts gives you complete control in the palm of your hand. Literally. The stretchy neoprene is waterproof and easy to clean. Comes in many sizes to ensure a... Read more

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Leave it to someone from Ontario to come up with a super sexy thigh harness that works just as good as it looks. This thigh harness is fully adjustable, comes with two steel rings, and doesn't slip off making way... Read more
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