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Get ready to see a pussy you love from a whole new angle! This fun DIY kit includes everything needed to make an incredibly detailed, life-size silicone copy of a vulva (or, that sexy peach you're swoonin' over) from the...
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Want to make your very own Fleshlight Girls custom sex toy? You don't need to be Stoya to make it happen! This kit from the folks at Clone-A-Willy is here to answer your nerdy DIY dreams! Make a replica of...
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Create a life size, detailed, silicone vibrating replica of any phallus from the comforts of your own home! This kit (made in Portland, Oregon, of course!) offers platinum cure silicone and algae-based molding powder, plus a plastic vibrator, for your very own...
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Forget cheesy sex games, Susie Bright's I Dare You is a marvelously presented box full of racy challenges, based on the tried-and-true model of the classic truth or dare game. Tiny envelopes full of sexy ideas await inside a gorgeous...
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From the great minds who brought you Sex Scratchers comes a new and improved naughtier version Kinky Sex Scratchers - 120 super sexy lottery tickets. Filled with wild and kinky prizes from dirty talk to bondage and spanking to role...
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A quick and handy way to turn monotony into spontaneity. Slip a card into a lover’s pocket, place a position idea under a pillow, or randomly choose a card to mix it up! Over 50 cards filled with cute line...
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Set your artistic side free by painting a story of lust and love on your partner's body using this sensual edible chocolate body paint. Edible body paints are a playful and lighthearted yet deeply sensual way of connecting, and, having sexy...
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These gender-neutral dice offer a playful and affordable way to spice things up! They offer rules for play, but, hey, if you want, you can throw caution to the wind and make your own!

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