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Melt into Massage

Kinky Erotic Massage Tips For Lovers.

Learn how to give your lover a sensual, euphoric--and slightly kinky--massage that will open the door to new realms of pleasure, intimacy and connection for you both. Whether you're looking to learn simple things...
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This collection of massage stones from Montreal truly do become magic once in hand. Three different sizes and designs of porcelain stones have been carefully crafted to be held and manipulated against the body in different ways. Designed ergonomically to...
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This handmade vegan massage candle is the perfect blend between a scented candle and a massage oil. Light it up and let it burn for a few minutes before using, to get some oil ready for massage! Then gently pour...
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This entirely edible nipple gel is fun for all! Just apply a little of Earth Herbal's tasty and non-toxic nipple gel and experience the cool tingly sensation that ensues! Sugar free.

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The Sexy Secrets of Taoist Teachers

This book helps to strengthen bonds of affection and to discover the secrets of the sexual massage of the ancient Chinese Taoists. You will discover and better get to know the erotic places on...
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The Tantric Touch of Love.

With more than one hundred erotic drawings and a full-color insert, Erotic Massage provides easy-to-learn strokes and methods that allow you and your partner to bring together the sensual, the erotic, and the intimate.

The detailed illustrations and...
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The Erotic Massage Deck is the ultimate bedside companion for adventurous lovers. Ideal for the novice or the expert, each of these 50 cards provides a sensual technique and simple drawing that can be explored one at a time or...
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Head to Toe Techniques to Arouse and Gratify Your Partner.

This comprehensive manual is an invitation to discover the secrets of erotic massage for couples.

Erotic Massage for Couples teaches you, step-by-step—with the help of one hundred color photos—how to unleash your...
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An excellent educational video giving step-by-step instructions for genital massage. Annie Sprinkle and Joseph Kramer together teach over thirty different massage strokes on the vulva to arouse and relax. Three segments demonstrate the different techniques: Betsy massaging her lover Emilie,...
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Learn the art of male genital massage with your host and snappy dresser Dr. Joseph Kramer. Warm ups and breathing techniques are discussed and demonstrated, with many types of hands-on rhythm stroking and massage methods presented in an in-depth but...
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We're ecstatic to now be offering this silicone cupping set! Cupping massage is a powerful tool for any toolbox in the realms of both massage and sensation play. Cupping works by depressing the flexible silicone cup, and, placing on the...
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Set your artistic side free by painting a story of lust and love on your partner's body using this sensual edible chocolate body paint. Edible body paints are a playful and lighthearted yet deeply sensual way of connecting, and, having sexy...
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Add a little sensuality to your sex life this winter! These feathers won't keep you warm, but they'll sure heat things up! Perfect for sensation play, sensory deprivation, tickleplay, and all kinds of edging and teasing play.

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