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Elisha Lim's 100 Crushes is a compilation of the last 5 years of their queer comics. A beautiful collection of their queer-iconic (queerconic? gaymous?) art and storytelling that explore the actualities of gender, queer desire, family, community, and survival, this... Read more

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Stephan Niederwieser’s relaxed style and focus on pleasure are the perfect combination for this introduction to bondage, a book that’s sure to benefit both the beginner and the experienced practitioner. Here you’ll find everything you need to know about the... Read more

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We're often reminding people to metaphorically not judge books by their covers, but in the case of Diana Cage's Lesbian Sex Bible, we mean it in the most literal sense of the phrase. This wonderfully comprehensive and inclusive guide to... Read more

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The Surprisingly Short History of Heterosexuality

Independent historian and author of Big Big Love, Hanne Blank delves into the formation of heterosexual and homosexual identities, the evolving natures of dating and the ever changing meaning of marriage, family and love.... Read more

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An Introduction

In The History of Sexuality, Volume I: An Introduction, the brilliantly original French thinker who died in 1984 turns his attention to sex and the reasons why we are driven constantly to analyze and discuss it. An iconoclastic... Read more

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The Use of Pleasure

In this sequel to The History of Sexuality, Volume I: An Introduction, the brilliantly original French thinker who died in 1984 gives an analysis of how the ancient Greeks perceived sexuality.

Throughout The Use of Pleasure... Read more

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Designated the "Queen of Lesbian Pulp" for her landmark novels beginning in 1957, Ann Bannon’s work defined lesbian fiction for the pre-Stonewall generation. Following the release of Cleis Press’s new editions of Beebo Brinker and Odd Girl Out, Women in... Read more

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Erotic Stories and True Confessions by Gay Men Who Love Booty

More bootilicious tales from buttmen around the globe, celebrating what they love about the male buttocks. From hot erotic stories to daring true confessions.

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Persistence is a multi-faceted gem - editors Ivan E. Coyote and Zena Sharman further explore many of the themes from Joan Nestle's 1992 reader, The Persistent Desire, by enlisting the incredible voices of many of this era's prominent queer and... Read more

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Since it began in 1996, this groundbreaking series hailed as "consistently outstanding"(Lambda Book Report) and "literally orgasmic" (HX magazine) has delivered the hottest gay male sex writing anywhere. In Best of Best Gay Erotica 2, editor Richard Labonté brings together... Read more
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When last we saw Chris Parker, he had been bought by master trainer Tetsuo Sakai and was blissfully ensconced in Japan under Tetsuo’s wonderfully sadistic boot. And here we join Robin Cassidy, now contentedly serving a slave contract for a... Read more

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Using clear, empowering text to celebrate the love between women, The Lesbian Kama Sutra encourages love and sex, pleasure and sensuality, uninhibited erotic indulgence, and play. Visually stunning, it features beautiful historical artworks, erotic illustrations, and sophisticated instructional drawings that... Read more
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Rough Paradise is an absolute gift to the genre of novellas, and is the first of what we hope will be many works in this format by the talented writer, playwright, artist and performer, Alec Butler! The story is told... Read more

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Nevada is Imogen Binnie's first novel, and now that we've read it, we hope it's the first of many! Funny, intense, political and real, this energetic story follows the protagonist Maria through a journey of post-break-up self-discovery that is anything... Read more

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A collection of essays on personal experiences, escapades, and adventures one has with gender and identity (and sexuality), Nearest Exit is an excellent book filled with smart, often humourous and thought-provoking tales. S Bear Bergman's new classic is a fantastic... Read more

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During World War II, to help bolster troops against the horrors of combat, commanders encouraged them to form tight buddy relationships for emotional support. Many war buddies, together every moment, and depending on each other to survive, formed intimate friendships.... Read more

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The original 1950's pulp fiction is back! Beth leaves her husband and children to find her lover Laura, from university. She wishes to discover the reason for her unhappiness and dissatisfaction with life. The answer is not what she expects... Read more
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An Introduction to Asexuality

Julie Sondra Decker's Invisible Orientation is a much needed and welcomed resource that explores asexuality. As she clearly expresses, this book is intended to be an introduction: you will find a wealth of writing dedicated to... Read more

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The original 1950's pulp fiction is back! In the continuing story of Laura, I Am A Woman charts her course as she rejects her father's dismay and disappears (like all lesbians of the era) to New York. Laura ultimately discovers... Read more

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Cattle rustlers, farm hands, rural doctors, and hunky buckaroos all fill this collection of rough riding and rough loving men. Explicit stories of gay men out on the range with a mix of situation and scenario. From the tender yet... Read more

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“Isn't everything fabulous in this world just a little bit gay?” This notion is celebrated on every unique page for you to explore and color, made up of inked and framed line drawings with beautiful typography, reminiscent of a handsomely... Read more
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S. Bear Bergman returns with a third collection of essays! A sweet and inspiring dedication to what makes a queer family, from spunkles to poly lovers, from gutsy grandmothers to husbands and his fiery three year old child, all finding... Read more

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This fierce and thoughtful anthology of diverse experiences explores Femme identity as more than simply a binary relational identity to Butch, and busts through stereotypes and assumptions. A wide spectrum of Femme Identified folks spill their guts on these pages... Read more

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A Community History of Will Munro

The much anticipated Army of Lovers from Sarah Liss is so much more than a mere biography of Toronto artist and activist Will Munro. Instead, Liss enlists Will's friends, co-conspirators, and family to tell... Read more

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A dynamic composite of rising stars, The Collection represents the depth and range of tomorrow’s finest writers chronicling transgender narratives. 28 authors from North America converge in a single volume to showcase the... Read more

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Pathologized, terrorized, and confined, trans/gender non-conforming and queer folks have always struggled against the enormity of the prison industrial complex. The first collection of its kind, Eric A. Stanley and Nat Smith bring together current and former prisoners, activists, and... Read more

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On her way home from a gay wedding, Sybil’s eponymous protagonist is ambushed, beaten, and left for dead on the train tracks. Days later, Sybil awakens in a hospital and finds her skull has been reconstructed, but it quickly becomes... Read more
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In the updated second edition of Whipping Girl, Julia Serano, a transsexual woman whose supremely intelligent writing reflects her background as a lesbian transgender activist and professional biologist, shares her powerful experiences and observations—both pre- and post-transition—to reveal the ways... Read more
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New queer tales written by daring femmes. These are not your typical lesbian erotica stories; in fact these begin where those left off! Not delicate or romantic, these stories challenge gender roles, hit you hard, and make you think all... Read more

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Radical Sex, Love & Relationships Beyond the Gender Binary

Trans/Love is an anthology of truly engaging stories from voices beyond the gender binary. As varied as their own experiences, these accounts are at times smoking hot and lustful, fluttery and... Read more

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Inspired by the original 70's book Our Bodies, Ourselves, Trans Bodies, Trans Selves goes well above and beyond the original, and even manages to provide an even more thorough resource than even the contemporary Our Bodies, Ourselves. Being trans means... Read more

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A solid, info-packed addition to the growing body of great lesbian sex manuals. This newest title includes play parties, trans/gender concerns, and s/m. Favourite lesbian sex techniques, orgasm, toys, health issues, desire & fantasy - it's all here.

By Felice... Read more

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A good general guide to pregnancy with the added bonus of including information specific to lesbian couples hoping to conceive. Written in a very positive, uplifting tone, with an excellent list of resources at the end. Includes explanations of fertility... Read more

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In this third instalment of the Marketplace Series, Michael has spent years in California working with slaves but feels something is missing. He manages to get an invitation to train with the trainer of trainers, Anderson. She quickly makes short... Read more

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In this second instalment of the Marketplace series, slave Robin has been selected by trainer Chris Parker as a special candidate for the Marketplace. She loves the role and quickly learns (through fabulously told erotic scenes) what it takes to... Read more

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Steamy encounters in the bathhouse have been the stuff of erotic legend for centuries—just ask Spartacus! Shane Allison busts open the sauna door in Steambath, a rollicking romp of pretty boys and dashing daddies out to cruise. From fresh-faced twinks... Read more
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Dr. Glenda Corwin presents this important book for those of us in same-sex (mostly long-term) relationships who feel like they would like to reach a deeper level of intimacy, or to re-spark a flame that was once alive. It is... Read more

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A Woman's Guide

What use are tips and techniques or toys and gadgets if we don't feel empowered about our own sexuality? Diana Cage goes beyond the superficial tricks and gets into the depth of our complex sexualities, exploring what... Read more

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Popular wisdom might suggest that jealousy is an inevitable outcome of non-monogamous relationships. In Love’s Refraction, Jillian Deri explores the distinctive question of how and why polyamorists – people who practice consensual non-monogamy – manage jealousy. Her focus is on... Read more

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Most positions guide never consider the possibilities created by having two women (or two men) at play. Lesbian Sex covers 101 positions for women to try together. Illustrating positions for oral sex, manual sex, playing with toys, and much more,... Read more
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Got a thing for slick, black leather and the men that are adorned by it? Leathermen explores the dark bars, the edgy sex, the hot bodies and the costumes. A variety of awesomely written, explicit, and rough stories fill these... Read more

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From the publisher: The dance between the viewer and the viewed fuels the stories of I Like to Watch, a stunning anthology of gay erotica for voyeurs and exhibitionists. In the words of editor Christopher Pierce, "the possibilities are as... Read more

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A wonderfully diverse collection of short stories, Hot & Bothered 4 explores lesbian desire across the globe. With contributions from such acclaimed writers as Carol Queen, Leslea Newman, Wickie Stamps, and Suki Lee, this anthology brings real craft to the... Read more

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Girl Fever is an amazing anthology of super short and steamy stories from the best erotica writers, dedicated to your down and dirty literary pleasure. Shanna Germain’s “Answering the Call” shows us the games EMT can play in an ambulance,... Read more
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From the publisher: Girl crazy. It’s that surge of longing that floods body and soul, that mad rush of pleasure and pain, from tentative self-discovery to the first thrill of girl-on-girl play,and into the deep explorations of the fiercer shores... Read more
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Getting a grip on anal pleasure involving fists is one of the extreme sports of bum fun. There’s no doubt that it can bring previously unknown satisfaction to those who practice it. From tips about the right lube to use,... Read more
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In Boy Crazy, a collection of writers offer up a heaping helping of erotica that is rife with fantasy and hot sex. From the eighteen year old that has always fantasized about having his roommate, to the well-seasoned sex pros,... Read more

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From the publisher: A long, hard ride from start to finish, Biker Boys features easy riders, stuntmen studs, and men who aren't just wearing chaps because they look good. The racy stories of Biker Boys evoke the passion these masculine... Read more

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You wanted the best, you got the best! Best Gay Erotica of the Year, that is. Hotter than ever and featuring the brightest stars the gay literary galaxy has to offer, this iconic collection never fails to impress. With no... Read more

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A collection of short stories featuring hot men all tied up and waiting! Best Gay Bondage Erotica includes sizzling stories such as "My Eighteenth Birthday" where a young man who ties himself up and stares at other men through a... Read more

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