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Dimensions: 3.5" x 1.25"

We've been waiting our whole lives for the truth about "fake news" to come to light! Heck, our industry has been plagued with fake news since its inception, and we've worked so hard to do our best to bring the...
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Dimensions: 3" x 1.25"
Sometimes sex toy dreams really do come true - and this is one of those recurring dreams that just wouldn't materialize... until now! The We-Vibe Ditto is the perfect petite plug that lucid dreams are made of! With We-Vibe's extraordinarily...
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Regular price $139.00 CAD — In Stock
Dimensions: 4.6" x 2.25"

Oof, another stellar vibe by We-Vibe! Meet Gala: an external vibe, with two tips to help concentrate sensation on body parts such as nipples or clits - a perfect alternative to the broad strokes of it's sibling, the...
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Dimensions: 3.25" x 1.25"

Enjoy hands-free g-spot stimulation and powerful rumbly vibrations discreetly with Jive’s 10+ preset modes or your own custom vibes remotely controllable via smartphone or push-button controls on the unit itself. Uniquely contoured and made of silky smooth body-safe silicone, Jive...
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Regular price $130.00 CAD — In Stock
Dimensions: 2.6" x 0.9"

Meet the We-Vibe Match - this release by We-Vibe continues to celebrate their iconic couples-friendly vibrator design. Insert one end of this toy vaginally or anally, and, enjoy vibrations internally, as well as outside the body (against the clitoris or...
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Regular price $160.00 CAD — In Stock
Dimensions: 4.9" x 0.5"

Welcome to the We-Vibe Melt! Place the orifice (which is approximately 1/2" wide and 1" deep) of this toy on bodyparts such as clitorises or nipples, and, explore 12 settings that offer changes in air pressure via the intensity control buttons on...
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Regular price $159.00 CAD — In Stock
Dimensions: 3.6" x 1.4"

This vibe would an exciting addition to any undies! Designed to be magnetized to underwear or other clothing, this compact vibrator can then be controlled via an included remote, or, via a Bluetooth connected smartphone app available via the Apple Store...
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Regular price $139.00 CAD — In Stock
Dimensions: 3.2" x 1.3"

The wild world of We-Vibe has just gotten a little bit wilder! The latest and greatest from We-Vibe is (as always!) a new take on a classic. This dual-function rechargeable vibe provides amazing vibration inside and out, has remote control...
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Regular price $159.00 CAD — In Stock

Vibrating penis rings offer up all kinds of fun! Often (as in the case of the We-Vibe Pivot) they're stretchy, and may be placed on the shaft of the penis, or between the scrotum & torso. This provides constricting sensation,...
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Regular price $119.00 CAD — In Stock
Dimensions: 5" x 1.5"

The We-Vibe Rave is a g-spot friendly splash-proof & rechargeable sex toy that is app enabled – that is, it can be used traditionally (via buttons on the toy), or via We-Vibe’s We-Connect app that is long-distance friendly. Use the...
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Regular price $139.00 CAD — In Stock
Dimensions: 2.5" x 0.8"

Introducing a new adjustable We-Vibe design, since no two bodies are the same. There are two adjustable points to better target the G-spot / clit with more or less pressure. Sync is marketed as being able to stay comfortably in...
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Dimensions: 3.25" x 1.625"

Finally! More powerful, more convenient, and more environmentally friendly than your usually battery-powered mini vibe! About the same size as the Rocks Off mini vibes, and the same push-button controller you love, but with more speeds, modes, and power than...
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Regular price $99.00 CAD — In Stock
Dimensions: 3.9" x 1.8"
The We-Vibe Touch is a silicone compact massager shaped to provide ergonomic sensation to all kinds of bodyparts. Its curved contours are designed to perfectly fit the form of your hand while its subtly rounded tip stimulates any external area you put...
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Regular price $119.00 CAD — In Stock
Dimensions: 2.75" x 0.75"

Welcome to the original We-Vibe! The much beloved truly classic We-Vibe is back! No fancy weird iPhone connections or magnetic chargers or bluetooth - just an amazing We-Vibe with 10 different vibration modes, plus a simple and easy to use...
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The We-Vibe Vector provides gentle pressure and rumbling vibrations target both the prostate and the perineum simultaneously. With remote control via a push button remote and remote control via smartphone, the Vector is great for solo play or play with...
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Regular price $149.00 CAD — In Stock

The We-Vibe Verge is an exciting penis-friendly design from the folks at We-Vibe! Designed to be worn between the scrotum and the torso, it can be maneuvered in a few ways, either for the benefit of the wearer, or a...
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Regular price $129.00 CAD — In Stock
Dimensions: 12" x 1.9"

The We-Vibe Wand is perfect for all over massage or more targeted stimulation. For new sensations, place one of Wand's two attachments over the head before you start using it. The smooth, wide sleeve turns Wand into a stroker, while the...
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Regular price $189.00 CAD — In Stock
Dimensions: 4" x 2.5"

Oh wow, the Wish is something else! Instantly and universally beloved around here, this external vibe by We-Vibe offers a depth of rumbly vibration we've never seen from We-Vibe before. Dare we say that it rivals the Mimi Soft, and...
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