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Erotica for every taste. The time has never been better for erotic writing in terms of diversity and creativity, come enjoy the fruits of their labour!

A modern day Story of O, 100 Strokes is the unabashedly shameless diary of a young girl’s conquest for love. An instant classic in the author's native Italy, this captivating, erotic, and sometimes disturbing account of a teenagers thirst for... Read more

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This international bestselling autobiographical novel, sure to be controversial, is an incredible account of a woman’s sexual awakening. Badra, a Muslim woman trapped in a loveless arranged marriage, escapes to the city and meets her sexual mentor. This novel is... Read more
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Fans of Anne Rice won’t want to miss the third novel in the Sleeping Beauty trilogy. Beauty becomes a bound captive in an Eastern Sultan’s harem, where she once again falls in love with a collection of eccentric characters who... Read more
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The highly erotic tale of a young woman's journey through the world of S/M. From the college classroom to the slave auctioneer's ring, this story of heavy pony training is as interesting as it is arousing. A must for lovers... Read more

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An erotic exploration of the classic tale of Sleeping Beauty, this now classic trilogy is definitely not for the faint of heart. A. N. Roquelaure (or Anne Rice, as we all know her better) has maintained a surreal fairytale atmosphere... Read more

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Classic erotica that celebrates the sensuous and mysterious world of sex, without stinting on graphic description. A forerunner to the contemporary profusion of women's erotic writing.

By Anaïs Nin, 1977.

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Charlotte has secrets.

Charlotte Campbell no longer recognizes her life. Once a shy, married librarian, she now finds herself jilted, holed up in her deceased father’s run down cottage, and demoted to working in ‘The Dungeon’ with only an automated... Read more

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Dazzling and inventive use of language coupled with witty insight into the male sexual psyche plus numerous graphic sex sequences, make this novel the hottest, most humourous literary offering in recent years.

By Nicholson Baker, 303 pages, 1995. Published by... Read more

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Nicholson Baker's newest novel, The House Of Holes: A Book of Raunch merges magical realism with a particularly potent talent for stringing together creative naughty words, adding dashes of humor for good measure. Get sucked through the straw of your... Read more

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Data, research, scientific formulae--Annabelle Coffey is completely at ease with all of them. Men, not so much. But that's all going to change after she asks Dr. Charles Douglas, the postdoctoral fellow in her lab, to have sex with her.... Read more
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Brought to us by translator Lenny Hu, who we also have to thank for his translation of the Embroidered Couch, this is a collection of never before available 17th century Chinese erotica. Packed with insatiable characters, these are tales of... Read more

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When last we saw Chris Parker, he had been bought by master trainer Tetsuo Sakai and was blissfully ensconced in Japan under Tetsuo’s wonderfully sadistic boot. And here we join Robin Cassidy, now contentedly serving a slave contract for a... Read more

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One of our fave writers, Laura Antoniou, turns her hand to a murder mystery set at the annual Mr. & Ms. Global Leather contest in Manhattan. If you love the antics and politics of kink communities and also like a... Read more

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In the first novel of this series, four people start their careers as slaves at a professional school. Will they make the grade? The unrelenting Chris Parker oversees their training while they struggle to become perfect companions and servants to... Read more

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In this second instalment of the Marketplace series, slave Robin has been selected by trainer Chris Parker as a special candidate for the Marketplace. She loves the role and quickly learns (through fabulously told erotic scenes) what it takes to... Read more

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In this third instalment of the Marketplace Series, Michael has spent years in California working with slaves but feels something is missing. He manages to get an invitation to train with the trainer of trainers, Anderson. She quickly makes short... Read more

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