Collection: Hathor Aphrodisia

Co-owners/creators of Hathor Aprhodisia Mellta Swift and Nathanda Swift specialize in plant Aphrodisiacs. Before joining the erotic industry they manufactured spa treatment products including therapeutic oils, creams and lotions. Hathor, known for naturalness and purity since its beginnings in 1989 was concerned about parabens and harsh chemicals long before the "green revolution" hit the market place. Hathor has supported organic farming and sustainable agriculture by importing organic and wild crafted essential oils from small farms around the world. Based in Victoria, BC, Hathor is a small, family-owned company and you can feel the love in each bottle of natural lubricant, massage oil, and lotion they send our way. From their all-natural and organic ingredients and their superbly slippery lubes, we are entirely enamoured of Hathor and their nature-loving, sex-positive ways. If you're looking to buy local, or looking for a more ethical or natural lubricant, Hathor is an exceptional option from a company that truly cares about your health and pleasure.  Learn more about using a lubricant.

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