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Lure Essentials Edge Cupping Massage Set

Regular price $42.00

We're ecstatic to now be offering this silicone cupping set! Cupping massage is a powerful tool for any toolbox in the realms of both massage and sensation play. Cupping works by depressing the flexible silicone cup, and, placing on the skin, to facilitate local suction on the skin.

If using for massage, depress the cup of your choice (there are four different sizes) and place on pre-oiled skin. Keep the cup in movement for a deep & soothing massage, thanks to suction's ability to challenge muscles in tension, and stretch out skin.

One exciting accessible feature of using silicone massage cups is that they offer a great deal of sensation for the recipient, without a great deal of output from the masseuse! If you have mobility considerations, or, are interested in conserving your energy, cupping offers an accessible way to continue to offer a deep & satisfying massage, without challenging bodies or energy in the same way as a hands-on massage.

Suction toys result in increased circulation and sensation, meaning these cups also offer a dynamic way to engage in sensation play - especially with body parts like nipples!

As with any suction product, we always suggest that you go slow, communicate, and, take breaks! Using cups for too long may result in unwanted skin sensitivity, broken blood vessels (hickeys!), and, the like.

This kit includes 4 stackable cups: 1 X-Large (2.75" diameter), 1 Large (2" diameter), 1 Medium (1.5" diameter), 1 Small (1.25" diameter)

Made of Silicone
Made in China