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Folks so often say that handmade products are of higher quality than machine made - and honestly, that's not always true. Car parts, for instance, are probably of more consistent quality when they're not being hand-forged, right? However, in the world of sex toys and especially when it comes to glass sex toys, handmade is where it is at. Not only are you more likely to experience more pleasure using a toy that is truly made with love, but the glass dildos from Studio Vine are made by experienced glass makers who are specifically trained in making products for sensitive parts of the body and more importantly and unlike machine made glass toys, Studio Vine anneals their glass to make the most durable glass dildos around. Never purchase a machine made glass dildo with flecks or colour swirls because those designs negatively impact durability. We're not the most granola folks around, but even we can feel the care and attention that goes into every Studio Vine piece, and we can say with certainty good people make better sex toys.

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