Collection: The Best Sex Toys of The Decade

Let's be frank, with all of the technological advances of the past ten years and the popularization of what used to be fairly niche sexual practices, this past decade should have seen a total revolution in terms of sex toy technology.

I'm not saying that this decade has been a let down, but with the advent of rechargeable toys and the increasing popularity of silicone in the early aughts, I was expecting more. I'm not sure if this is because of the sex tech patent wars or because the big players are just resting on their laurels (I'm looking at you LELO), but just as we all thought we'd probably be driving flying cars by now, we were expecting a huge breakthrough in teledildonics this decade. Sure, we can control our bluetooth We-Vibes from a few feet away (and yes, over wifi too), but classic remote toys still outperform this advanced technology. 

With the exception of so-called "sonic" toys from Womanizer, Satisfyer, LELO, and We-Vibe (which are amazing, btw), the biggest advance has been in the realm of moving toys like the the LELO Waves and the Fun Factory Stronics - which, don't get me wrong, are huge advances to be sure.

Instead of massive advances in sex toy technology from huge companies that dominate the industry, we got something even better. The improvements in sex toys over the past ten years have all been much-needed updates from some of our favourite independent sex toy makers. The line-up from Canada's own Fuze Silicone is beyond impressive; the impossible-to-improve-upon Magic Wand is unimaginably better; Toronto's FuckWater has invented the best lube we've ever tried; and SpareParts made the first underwear-style harness that's worth buying.

If the early 2000s were all about huge corporate entities dominating our (sex) lives, this past decade will be remembered by us for the resurgence of independent creators making toys that we'll love forever. Frankly, we can't wait to see what the next decade brings.


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