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Aspergers Syndrome And Sexuality

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This book has been designed primarily as a resource for folks who work with people with AS. Which is a shame - a book designed explicitly for folks who identify as having AS would be such a gem! Regardless, whether you are an educator, lover, or someone who experiences life on an autistic / AS spectrum, this book might still be an amazing tool to add to your toolbox! The first half of this piece explores AS and sexuality during different periods of life, and from different lenses. It delves into various barriers and possible solutions that folks with AS might find helpful. The second half of this book is designed to be a workbook / education program to designed to explore and develop sociosexual skills. This may be helpful as a personal guide to investigate your identity and relationship with sex, or to use if you intend to work as an educator, mentor, or health care provider where you will be discussing sex. Please note this book is written with a heterosexual and cisgender focus.

By Isabelle Hénault, 208 pages, 2006. Published by Jessica Kingsley Publishers.