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b-Vibe Lubricant Applicator Set

b-Vibe Lubricant Applicator Set

Dimensions: 3.5" x 0.3"

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We are so totally psyched to have these super sexy lube shooters here in our little shop! The b-Vibe Lubricant Applicator Set comes complete with three individual, re-usable, lubricant applicators along with a very practical storage satchel, and mini guide to anal play!

Sometimes lubricant just doesn't go - or stay - where you want it to! While some folks pre-lubricate to avoid fumbling around with a bottle of lube in an intimate moment, others use Lube Tube Lubricant Applicators to avoid the "squeegee effect" during penetration play. Some folks who use daily lubricants to prevent the discomfort of dryness find lubricant applicators work much better than manual application.

The b-Vibe Lubricant Applicators are a little girthier and a little longer than the Lube Tube Lubricant Applicators, and we love them for it! These applicators hold more lubricant and disperse thick lubricant with more ease than some of the other options out there. The deep application afforded by these lube launchers is perfect for anal play.

Reusable and super easy to clean. Made of body-safe materials.

Specifications for b-Vibe Lubricant Applicator Set

  • Dimensions: 3.5" x 0.3"
  • Weight: 0g
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Customer Reviews

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J.M. (Ontario, Canada)
"Squeegee effect" lol

"Squeegee effect" in the product description made me laugh. These have made preparation for fun time quick and less messy. I've noticed I don't need as much lube, and way less lube ends up on my cheeks and the bed. It would be nice if they had caps or something so you could preload them to have them ready, but still a great product.

R.A. (Ontario, Canada)
You Need This!

So simple and such a lifesaver! Getting lube exactly where it’s needed has made all the difference! Definitely recommend!