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Bang! Masturbation for People of All Genders & Abilities

Bang! Masturbation for People of All Genders & Abilities

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Want to know how to masturbate? Here’s your guide. Whether you’re jerking the gherkin, flicking the bean, or something in between, masturbation doesn’t have to be a taboo topic. This straightforward, unapologetic illustrated guide to self-pleasure will teach you what you need to know to get to know your own body.

This inclusive manual covers basic anatomy, techniques, mindsets, orgasms, troubleshooting, and a wide range of the tools and toys. There are sections on debunking myths, exploring your body for the first time, sex toys, tips from trans people for trans people, and a section on masturbating when you have a physical disability and a caretaker that’s written by disabled folks. You’ll also learn about the history of anti-masturbation stigma, some thought-provoking data, and how to teach your kids healthy attitudes toward masturbation.

Perfect for the pent-up teens and adults of all ages alike! Overcome physical and emotional obstacles to discover the stress-relieving potential and joy of unpartnered sex.

Specifications for Bang! Masturbation for People of All Genders & Abilities

  • Author: Vic Liu
  • Pages: 117
  • Publisher: Microcosm Publishing
  • Year: 2021
  • Binding: Paperback
  • ISBN: 9781621063858
  • Find in-store: Books > Better Sex > Solo Play
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Customer Reviews

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R.M. (British Columbia, Canada)
Fun and accessible

Charming zine-like booklet with great coverage on a variety of topics revolving around self-/pleasure and masturbation. Written well and provides great language to describe our bodies and experiences with which to continue learning!