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Brazen Femme

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This fierce and thoughtful anthology of diverse experiences explores Femme identity as more than simply a binary relational identity to Butch, and busts through stereotypes and assumptions. A wide spectrum of Femme Identified folks spill their guts on these pages in the form of poetry, comics, prose and essays on the fabulous and tremulous world of Femmes. Professors, sex workers, journalists and the unemployed articulate their relationship to their gender expression and their re-making of gendered femininity through their heartbreaks, invisibility in queer communities and daily embodied living. Broaching such topics as dealing with aging, race and gender, mothering and fat phobia, these Brazen Femmes break through the rigid Butch/Femme barrier with their fierce and bold articulation of their gender(s).

By Chloe Brushwood Rose and Anna Camilleri, 175 pages, 2010. Published by Arsenal Pulp Press.