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Diary of a Library Nerd

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Charlotte has secrets.

Charlotte Campbell no longer recognizes her life. Once a shy, married librarian, she now finds herself jilted, holed up in her deceased father’s run down cottage, and demoted to working in ‘The Dungeon’ with only an automated book sorter for company. Then there’s the drawings she does. They are not what her work colleagues might expect. And there’s Nathan, a young patron at the library—the reason for her demotion and the inspiration for her art. When Nathan’s emails reveal a startling truth, Charlotte discovers a new dimension of her sexuality. But unsettling dreams from her past continue to plague her and Charlotte is eventually forced to confront her most deeply rooted fears.  

Part Bridget Jones’ Diary and part Story of O, Diary of a Library Nerd is compelling, erotic, and accompanied by the drawings from Charlotte Campbell’s very grown-up mind. This private memoir of exploration and discovery is not to be missed!

Illustrations by Vanity Chase.

By Kyoko Church, 214 pages, 2014. Published by Sweetmeats Press.  

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