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Doing It Again Volume 2 DVD

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Fearless Revealing

Tobi Hill-Meyer has brought us yet another installation of her groundbreaking series exploring trans women's relationships and desires! This series provides a holistic and multifaceted look at how trans women relate to their sex lives and partners by weaving interviews and narratives throughout the film. From a very sexy solo romp (go Erica!) to women getting down with lovers, both recently introduced and established, this film features a diverse range of pleasures and desires and positionalities, and is a delight to behold. Features subtitles in English, French, Spanish and German.

Cast includes: Tobi Hill-Meyer, Avery Stone, Anai Sebightee, Billie Holder, Syd Viscous, Valentine, Abby Leth, Pi, Directed by: Tobi Hill-Meyer. Running time: 97 minutes. Release Year: 2014

Explicitness Rating: R

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