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Exploring Guilty Pleasures DVD

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Exploring Guilty Pleasures features commentary by Dr. Herb Samuels and Louise Andre-Saulnier who address the basic myths about S/M, anal eroticism, and the guilt many associate with sexual fantasies. This title is geared towards those who are just starting a conversation about alternative sexual practices, and the focus of this educational title is on expanding the limits within a monogamous relationship. In sexual encounters, real couples demonstrate different sexual ideas including oral sex, essential rules for acting out exotic fantasies and, role-play ménage à trois with sex toys. Also called Enjoying Guilty Pleasures. Features Spanish Option.

Cast includes: Dr Herb Samuels, Herb Samuels, Louise Saulnier PHD, Directed by: Sinclair Intimacy Institute. Running time: 60 minutes. Release Year: 2003

Explicitness Rating: R