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Fun Factory Stronic Drei

Length: 5"
Width: 1.75"

Regular price $255.00

The third incarnation in the Fun Factory Stronic line, the Drei is just perfect for all you lovers of the Tiger G4 vibrator! This pulsating toy is curved for g-spot or prostate massage, textured for lots of sensation, and anal compatible due to the flare at the end of the toy. The pulsations featured in the Stronic are a wonderful way to experience a sex toy without vibrations. This toy creates a thrusting motion that is loaded with sensation with little or no work required!
Length: 5" Width: 1.75"

Vibrator Sound Level: Vibrator Loudness Rating: Not Too Loud
Vibrator Strength: Vibrator Strength Rating: Very Strong
Hardness & Density: Hardness Rating: Firm

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