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Fuze Freddie

Length: 6.25"
Width: 1.5"

Regular price $62.00

Freddie is loud, proud and well endowed! Freddie is fully realistic, down to the finest detail - you can trace every vein along the shaft, all the way to the circumcised head. Freddie’s generous length is especially satisfying during harness play. The suction cup base will hold Freddie rigidly in place on any smooth, flat surface, and, unlike most suction cups we’ve met, is comfy in harnesses! As with every other member of Fuze’s suction cup collection, Freddie doesn’t need to play alone! Freddie can easily pair with any other Fuze suction cup toy for a ‘build your own’ double-ended sex toy!

Length: 6.25" Width: 1.5"

Hardness & Density: Hardness Rating: Firm