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Girl Fever

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Girl Fever is an amazing anthology of super short and steamy stories from the best erotica writers, dedicated to your down and dirty literary pleasure. Shanna Germain’s “Answering the Call” shows us the games EMT can play in an ambulance, while Victoria Janssen’s “The Airplane Story” crams us deep into the metal-walled bondage of an airplane restroom. Sommer Marsden makes the very best use of "An Hour," Allison Wonderland gets it "Off and On" in under ten minutes, and Tigress Healy offers "Six Minutes or It's Free". Whether you're looking for a one-night stand, old time lovers, or a lusty rump with a group of hot femmes, "Girl Fever" has a quickie for you! By Sacchi Green, 225 pages, 2012. Published by Cleis Press.