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Great Sex Made Simple

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Interested in Tantric Sex, but don't know where to start? Patricia Johnson and Mark Michaels have taken their years of study and expertise and distilled it into this easy-to-use beginner’s book for those who want to explore the ecstasy of erotic Tantric practice. Each new concept, technique and exercise is introduced in short chapters, allowing for the readers to gradually build on their practice and knowledge. From breathing exercises, to prostate play, kinky Tantra to erotic massage and full-body orgasms, Johnson and Michaels have really run the spectrum of play while keeping a focus on connection and mindfulness. Enjoyable Tantric sex doesn't have to take up hours of your time, as “Great Sex Made Simple” demonstrates; great Tantric sex can be practiced in your daily lives.

By Mark A Michaels and Patricia Johnson, 240 pages, 2012. Published by Llewellyn Publications.

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