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Hammerhead Magic Wand Attachment

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If you've ever eyed up a Hitachi wondering how you could get 'into' it more, or the best way to share a Hitachi with a penis-laden friend- today is your lucky day! This amazing open-ended masturbation sleeve (formerly known as the Miracle Massager Attachment) is perfect for transforming the Hitachi's deep rumble-y vibrations into a sexy rumble-ride. It's a really great option for folks looking for hands-free sensation- slide on the sleeve, turn on the toy, lean it on a leg, and ta-da! This toy is yet another great way that the Hitachi continues to win the hearts of those who cross its path!

Hardness & Density: Hardness Rating: Soft

Tags: Elastomer | Magic Wand Attachments | Sleeves | Vibrator Accessories | Vibrator Sleeves |

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