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INYA Twister Rechargeable Vibe

INYA Twister Rechargeable Vibe

Dimensions: 6" x 1.5"

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This rechargeable silicone rotating vibrator offers all the sexy internal joy that's possible when vibrations and rotating movements are combined! Use this toy at different vibrating intensities. Or, use only the rotating settings on this toy (you can bend the shaft to change the intensity of the rotations). OR, combine vibrations and rotations for even more sensation! We're impressed by this versatility to mix & match different styles of sensation offered by this affordable vibrator. This toy features 7 different settings, a waterproof design, and is USB rechargeable.

For rotation and vibration with a remote, check out the Pure Love Cosmic Rotating Dildo.

Specifications for INYA Twister Rechargeable Vibe

  • Hardness & Density: Hardness Rating: Firm
  • Vibrator Sound Level: Vibrator Loudness Rating: Not Too Loud
  • Vibrator Strength: Vibrator Strength Rating: Strong

  • Made of Silicone
  • Made in China
  • Insertable Dimensions: 6" x 1.5"
  • Weight: 244g
  • Waterproof: YES
  • Charger: USB
  • Power Source: Rechargeable
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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
y. (Pennsylvania, United States)
Great Vibration But Some Issues

This was my go to vibrator for a long time because the vibration is stronger than toys in the same category and has a manageable noise level. It has more of a buzz versus a hum (higher vibrations?) unlike my other cordless toys. The different vibration intensity levels are great! The progression from low to high is smooth, and when fully charged the continuous high setting made me stop breathing for a second when I first used it. The rhythmic modes are good but not really my cup of tea usually. I'm not too impressed with the rotation option with this toy, and I didn't get much out of it. The toy only rotates the top half and it spins at a 45-ish degree angle, which felt like a hand mixer whisk flailing around inside me. Also, the button to activate the rotation option is also the off button so if you don't hold the off button down long enough then bam! Surprise incessant prodding that you're fumbling to turn off! My biggest issue is that after extended use this toy has started to bend/twist when the rotation option isn't on (e.g., Mostly the third near the "head" of the toy bends forward). Because of the way this toy is built to make rotating an option, there are "bendable" pieces inside the toy. So after some wear the gears/pieces inside the toy won't hold as strongly as they did before to keep the vibrator still. If you're repositioning the toy or yourself to get the right spot, the toy will bend and probably interrupt whatever it is you're doing. Having to stop the fun so you can straighten out a toy that will bend again with mild pressure is not ideal. Also, the silicone around the base where the on/off buttons has loosened for me and it rotates so the raised button cover and the charging port opening won't line up with the inner mechanics. It's easy to move the silicone cover back to its original place, but I have to do this after each time I use this toy. I'm sad to say that after almost 2 years I'll have to retire this vibrator. I'm hoping that the manufacturer makes a non-rotating option because I'd buy that in a heartbeat!

Fun choice!

I'm loving this one!! It took me a few tries to figure out how to get the maximum pleasure out of this. I like the added sensation of the rotation part. By itself it doesn't really make much of an impact for me but if I angle it right and rock into it, it is mind blowing and toe curling! The vibrations are delicious, and the handle is surprisingly perfect for me as I use it, unlike we-vibe rave (which I also love, don't get me wrong), the handle for this one is perfect for the in and out motion. However I'd wouldn't say that this one is my go-to choice hence the average rating, but still a fun choice!