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Kimono Maxx Condoms 12 Pack

Kimono Maxx Condoms 12 Pack

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Our favourite thin latex condom to the Maxx! With all of the sensitivity of the original Kimono Microthin condom, Kimono Maxx condoms also feature a large flare at the head for a roomier and more comfortable condom experience. Width at shaft: 53mm. Width at head: 66mm.

Specifications for Kimono Maxx Condoms 12 Pack

  • Paraben-free: Yes
  • Vegan: Yes
  • Condom Length: 200mm
  • Condom Width: shaft 53mm, head 60mm
  • Latex Thinness: .06mm
  • Made of Latex
  • Made in Thailand
  • Weight: 50g
  • Latex-free: No
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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
M.L. (Ontario, Canada)
Best I've found

They are super comfortable, been my go to for years. Never had one break or fall off.

Strong and the lubrication lasts longer than others

Strong and the lubrication lasts longer than others. A personal favorite that I often recommend to friends

Most comfortable condom ever

Noticeably thin, and the flare makes all the difference. The most unburdened feeling I've ever had with a condom. Nothing else comes close!

a. (British Columbia, Canada)
unfortunately not for me

Was worth a shot, but these are a total fail for me. They somehow seem a lot smaller and tighter than the specs indicate, even though I measured to confirm. After pulling foreskin back, rolling it down, then moving foreskin back up to unroll the rest, the rest of the length of the condom left like a solid 2 inches of my shaft unprotected. Perhaps the unrolling is leaving wrinkles to not get the full usable length? Definitely found it hard to unroll nicely.

I compared to Trojan Magnum Naked Sensations. Seemingly same length and width at the base. Yet the Trojans go on super easy, unroll to cover my whole shaft, and not uncomfortably tight. So far the TMNS are the best I've found for foreskin friendly.

Might be a dick and/or preference thing.