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Mind Blowing Sex

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A Woman's Guide

What use are tips and techniques or toys and gadgets if we don't feel empowered about our own sexuality? Diana Cage goes beyond the superficial tricks and gets into the depth of our complex sexualities, exploring what has dissuaded us from embracing our sexualities so that we may find sexual empowerment. Mind-Blowing Sex: A Woman's Guide is both an inclusive (Cage often switches gender pronouns and is inclusive of a diversity of sexual preferences) and accessible guide to seeking pleasure. Cage explores how sex starts with the mind; exploring attitudes and judgments that can either limit us from attaining the pleasure we seek, or open up a plethora of possibilities. She then goes on to discuss pleasure-based anatomy, toys, power play, and goes through creative ideas for giving or receiving pleasure, whomever your partner(s) may be. Definitely a guide to sexploration that we all get behind!

By Diana Cage, 261 pages, 2011. Published by Da Cap Press.

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