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New View Of A Woman's Body

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This fully illustrated guide by the Federation of Feminist Women's Health Center’s will go down in feminist history as the most complete, interestingly illustrated information on female pleasure-based anatomy in history. No other book, as of yet, has topped the amazing array of information on the structure of the clitoris, the working of that amazing perennial sponge (""g-spot"") or how to do menstrual extractions. Back during the earlier days of consciousness-raising groups, a federation of feminists got together to challenge the dominant medical models of female health, and do their own research, the results of which were, and still are, a ground-breaking departure from boring reproductive diagrams. Featuring home remedies for vulvas ailments (BV, cramps), pictures of cervixes in different states of health, full diagrams of what goes on during a hysterectomy, and much more. By Federation of Feminist Women's Health Centres, 176 pages, 1991. Published by Feminist Press.