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Handmade Rattan Cane

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Canes are beautifully individual - kinda like wands in the Harry Potter series. Each one is magical in it's own way. And, caning is a beautiful BDSM practice. As an implement it can offer an expansive range of sensation from the deliciously sensual to the brutally unbearable. No matter which end of the cane you intend to be on, definitely practice on your own skin first so you can better appreciate the range of effects this simple toy can have!

Do be aware that these are approximations, and each cane is different (oh, the joys of hand-made implements)! Each cane is handmade with love and integrity here in Ontario by Canemaker Adrian. While sizes vary, the average diameter is 1/4".

Short canes are 23.5" - 27" long.

Long canes are 28" - 33" long.

Made of Rattan
Made in Canada