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Screaming O PrimO Tux Ring

Regular price $28.00

They say 'everyone looks great in a tux', and they also say, 'if you like it, you should put a ring on it'. In the spirit of both Beyonce and black-tie occasions everywhere, we're proud to present to you Screaming O's PrimO Tux ring! Wear it on a penis, wear it on a dildo, or just put in on your finger - any way that you choose to wear it will look great, feel amazing, and make almost any occasion more enjoyable! With a four-function motor, stretchy silicone ring, and waterproof vibe, this is one ring you're gonna love.

Vibrator Sound Level: Vibrator Loudness Rating: Quiet
Vibrator Strength: Vibrator Strength Rating: Mild Vibration
Hardness & Density: Hardness Rating: A Little Give
Batteries Included: Yes
Battery Type: 3 LR44