Sex Toy Recycling Shipping Label

Sex Toy Recycling Shipping Label

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We're so sorry, but our recycling program is on hiatus currently. 

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Customer Reviews

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R. (Ontario, Canada)
What a wonderful thing

I absolutely love that this is an option. Makes me feel so much better knowing I'm not just throwing an old trusty friend in the landfill.
Super convenient and simple to do!

S. (British Columbia, Canada)
Amazing Sex Toy Recycling Program

I bought the label, went to my email, printed it, pasted it on the box with the toys I wanted to recycle, went to Canada Post, left it there and asked to receive a notification once it arrived.

It arrived. And I can only assume the toys I sent are being recycled instead of in a landfill and then contaminating something.

Also, very reasonable price. I think I paid like $5-6.

T.M.O. (Prince Edward Island, Canada)
So smart!

I’m so happy there is finally an option to do this. Great initiative!

S. (Ontario, Canada)

So happy to find somewhere to recycle old toys! I never felt right throwing them in the garbage to a landfill

Anonymous (British Columbia, Canada)
Awesome incentive

Easy to navigate the whole process.

S. (Ontario, Canada)
Awesome idea and service

It's awesome that there's a place that provides this service and the service was amazing! The whole process was super easy.

Anonymous (Ontario, Canada)
Great incentive

I love this idea! it helps our environment and it so easy!!

D. (Manitoba, Canada)
Recycle not landfill!

Easy to use- just print and send your unwanted toys to be recycled

S.F. (Ontario, Canada)
Sex Toy Recycling Shipping Label

I was thrilled to find out this was a thing. I didn't know what to do with my broken magic wand vibrator and didn't want to throw it out to go to the landfill. I was glad to hear that Come As You Are has a recycling program for plastic sex toys, and it was super easy to ship. I would do this again in the future when needed. Thank you!