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Silicone Spade Crop

Dimensions: 14"

Regular price $13.00

We love a high-quality & artisanal paddle, flogger, or crop more than most - but we're also very aware that sometimes the best choice is something cheap & cheerful. After all, we all have different sex-toy budgets! And, regardless, there's so much to be said for trying out some fun & cheap gear, to see what you like & don't like, and then upgrade from there! Or, don't! As such, if you've been eyeing some BDSM gear, consider trying out a cheeky crop like this one! Made with plastic & silicone, this crop can provide a range of stingy sensation via its spade-shaped head. Breeches optional.

Made of Silicone
Made in China
Dimensions: 14" Phthalate-free: Yes
Latex-free: Yes

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