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The Butters Palm Grease 8oz

The Butters Palm Grease 8oz

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This is an ultra-thick oil-based lube made for extended stroke sessions & working various holes to new depths & diameters. Palm Grease features a plush velvety texture, high melt point (103ºF in case you were wondering), blends beautifully with natural bodily fluids, conditions tissues to add stretch/prevent tears including softening rough hands/nails. Plus, it’s all-natural fatty acids will even skin tones, reduce wrinkles, blemishes and help your skin heal faster from your use. Basically, it's magic lube. Some also use it as a vulva / vaginal moisturizer with great success.

Further, this lube doesn't have the same yellow colour that the Aloe X Shea & Cocoa Butter recipes do, making this lube a fantastic option for those who love the glide, but not the colour of other The Butters products!

Specifications for The Butters Palm Grease 8oz

    Ingredients: Sustainable Palm Butter, grapeseed oil, vitamin e

  • Base: Oil-based
  • Paraben-free: Yes
  • Vegan: Yes
  • Condom Compatible: No
  • Made in USA
  • Weight: 300g
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Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
F. (Quebec, Canada)
This be the holy God-tier lube for anal toys

The bane of my existence ever since I discovered playing with my prostate is like a gateway to heaven is that no water based lube were satisfactory with any silicon toys.

This grease is a game changer. It lasts a long time, feels fantastic, is easy to apply by hand or with a lube shooter and will not damage your expensive silicon toys.

I still prefer a good silicon lube like Pjur or Überlube for skin-on-skin or metal toys, but I will forever stash this product for any silicon anal play, I tried them all, it's the Final Anal Destination folks.

J.B. (British Columbia, Canada)
greasy indeed

A bit too greasy for me, I prefer the consistency of their other products. Still gets five stars though, as this does the job admirably and feels great on the skin.

E.A. (British Columbia, Canada)

I like this one more than their other oil based lubes because this one lasts a lot longer! I don’t find I need as much and the taste is very light if mouths get involved

P.M. (Ontario, Canada)
Best all purpose lube

This lube is hands down the best out there for every sexual act in the bedroom!!

C. (Ontario, Canada)
new favourite

I was looking for a lube that didn't dry out as quickly as some water based lubes I'd been using and tried this based on the reviews. Really happy I did, it's moisturizing and lasts a long time. It doesn't get sticky like some other lubes I've tried, and I'm not going through as much lube as I was with other brands because I don't need to constantly apply more! Recommend.

M. (Ontario, Canada)

Buy it. This is the best lube I've ever used and I have tried many. I use BIG silicone toys and this lube makes for a very enjoyable experience.

A.S. (Quebec, Canada)

tried a bunch of different lubes but with anal we always needed to reapply again and again… until this!!!!!!!

E.P. (Ontario, Canada)

We tried a few oil- and water-based lubes before deciding this one is our absolute favourite. It's amazing - feels great, lasts forever and doesn't taste bad at all.

B.C. (Ontario, Canada)
This stuff is amazing

I can only say that I've used this for solo play (penile and anal) and, having tried all sorts of other lubes, this stuff is easily the best ever! It lasts forever (unlike water based or hybrids), cleans super easily (unlike silicone), feels uniquely amazing, and - the best part - It makes my bits feel so luxurious afterwards. lol. Honestly, even my wife noticed how nice my junk felt days after using it.