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Ties That Bind

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Guy Baldwin, renowned psychotherapist-educator and practitioner of kinky sex, explores the depths of S/M relationships in this thought-provoking and self-exploratory collection of essays. Topics range from the magical S/M "high," to tips for assuring a sane, safe and consensual scene and the importance of self-honesty. Originally published in the S/M magazine Drummer of the late 80's and early 90's, Ties That Bind explores the intricacies of leather families, suggests communication skills to sustain master-slave relationships, and delves into the political science of gay leathermen of the 90's. Includes a fascinating essay on the history of the fetishization of leather in post-war America and the convergence of ex-vets and bikers to form the "Old Guard" of the leather scene. Though originally intended for a gay male audience who were already entrenched or intrigued by the leather scene, Baldwin's sound advice can be applied across the board, regardless of gender, sexual orientation, or sexual practices. A turn away from technical skill based books, Ties That Bind is an important addition for those ready to take a serious look at their relationships with others, with S/M, and most importantly themselves.

By Guy Baldwin, 239 pages, 2003. Published by Daedalus Publishing.