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Vixen Bandit Tie Bright

Insertable Length: 7"
Insertable Width: 1.625"

Regular price $152.00

Bandit is girthier than the Mustang yet less girthy than the Maverick - perfect for anyone seeking a tie-dye dildo that’s sized ‘just right’ - we’re looking at you, Goldilocks! Finished off with some handsome techni-coloured-dream-balls, Bandit offers a slow taper along the whole length of the toy, offering a gentle increase in sensation as the toy is inserted into the body. Oh, and about those techni-coloured-dream-balls: There is no faster way to get to any of our collective hearts than via a colourful handmade dildo. As such, we’re over the moon about these beautiful ‘summer of love’ offerings from the dildo wizards at Vixen Creations. Bright unabashed tie-dye splashes of orange, blue, and pink adorn each of these hand-poured silicone toys. And, like their fleshtoned counterparts, these toys also feature Vixen’s coveted VixSkin silicone design. VixSkin is a patented technique where the folks at Vixen pour a firmer silicone as the core of the toy, and then finish it off with a much softer silicone for the exterior. The resulting sex toy feels very similar to bodies - firm, yet plush and fleshy. However, honestly, we’ve yet to meet a bodypart that looks as fabulous as these dildos do.

Insertable Length: 7" Insertable Width: 1.625"

Hardness & Density: Hardness Rating: Soft