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Vixen Lonestar

Regular price $143.00

One of the breakthrough dildos of the early 21st century, the Vixen Lonestar has the luxurious and hyper realistic soft-exterior, hard-interior density we've all come to know and love from this amazing double-density silicone. One of the first pieces in the Vixskin line, the Lonestar's short and girthy stature and beautiful balls has always had a solid place in our collective hearts, and for good reason too! Works great in a strap-on and for solo play too.
Length: 6" Width: 1.875"

Hardness & Density: Hardness Rating: A Little Give

Tags: Anal Compatible | Dildos | Harness Compatible | Indie | Made in North America | Made in USA | Non-Vibrating Toys | Phthalate-Free | Sex Toys | Silicone | Suction Cup |

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