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Self-love has gotten a bad rap in the past and aficionados of jilling and jacking off have borne the stigmata of being lonely, oversexed and anti-social. Well, we're here to tell you different! Self-reliance and spending time exploring what you like is valuable whether you play partnered or solo and can be loads of fun! Experimenting with different forms of stimulation and fantasy without the pressures and expectations of being with a partner, can only add to your love-making skills. In this area, self-knowledge and comfort with your own body's responses is always an asset.

Books for women experiencing difficulty orgasming suggest masturbation as a crucial practice for learning to achieve orgasm. But it need not be merely a stepping stone keep in touch with yourself, and remember: self-knowledge is power!

books about masturbation

There are many books on this site that you may want to take a look at. Sex For One is the personal journey of Betty Dodson, a champion of masturbation, who has led workshops for women throughout the U.S. for the past twenty-five years. This inspiring book includes wonderful drawings by Dodson. More inspiration can be found in I Am My Lover. This coffee-table-style book is filled with photographs featuring six women self-pleasuring. Included is also a short statement by each woman on what masturbation means for her.

For basic information and the stepping stones to achieving orgasm, these two books are recommended: Becoming Orgasmic. Both state the importance of masturbation as a key to self-awareness.


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