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Sex Toy Ratings

Fun Factory Share XSCome As You Are sex toy ratings are designed to allow you to easily navigate our vast selection of sex toys. In our store and on our website, we only carry products that we've actually tried and truly love and that we're proud to have in our shop. We know that not every sex toy will make all of our customers happy and that a 'good' sex toy is any sex toy that works for you (not what works for any one of us). To help you find the sex toy that is right for you, we've rated all of our vibrators by intensity and sound level and we've created a legend to help you find the waterproof or phthalate-free toy of your dreams.


We provide measurements for all of our sex toys because without being able to actually see and feel the toy, it is difficult to get a sense of size just by viewing an image. Our images are not officially to scale but are generally correctly sized in relation to each other.

The length of the sex toy is listed first, then diameter. All measurements are in inches and are approximate. Some manufacturers can be somewhat inconsistent in their sizes, so please contact us if you would like us to double check any measurement.

If the vibe, dildo or anal toy has an insertable portion (that is, the toy is used for penetration) we only display measurements for the insertable part.

Vibrator Intensity

This is one of the most exciting additions for us with our new site. At last we can stop trying to decide whether we should use the word "strong" or "powerful" or "buzzy" or the difference between a toy that makes a slight hum and one that will wake the neighbors! Our ratings are still subjective, but here's how they work.

Intensity ratings refer to how powerful the vibrator feels. There are several elements that contribute to the strength of vibration: the material, the strength of the motor, the type of batteries a toy takes (if it's battery powered). Keep in mind that a vibrator that's too strong can be made milder by wrapping a towel around it, using slightly worn batteries, or putting a blanket or cloth between you and the toy. But a vibrator that's too mild for you doesn't have anywhere to go really.

We describe the ratings this way:

  • 1-2 = just a little purr, for those that like almost no vibration
  • 3-4 = still mild, but this is more for folks that like a gentle but noticeable vibration
  • 5-6 = the majority of our vibrator fall here, strong enough for most, but may leave some wanting more
  • 7-8 = if you're comfortable with vibration and want to trade up, this level is probably a good bet
  • 9-10 = only a few of our vibes get this rating. Not recommended for beginners, these toys will knock more than your socks off!

Vibrator Sound Level

Mostly toys that are made of hard plastic will be louder than soft rubber. In our store people often pick up a toy with a high volume rating and wonder how they could get turned on with all that whirring and buzzing. In our experience we find that the sounds melt away as you settle into the thrill of a toy. But for those people with thin walls, nosey neighbors, or anyone who otherwise needs to keep quiet, here are our ratings for volume level:

  • 1 = practically silent, you need to put these toys right up to your ear to hear them.
  • 2 = a low hum, these toys aren't noticeable unless your right up close to it
  • 3 = a noticeable buzz, most people don't consider the sound from these toys a distraction, but it's there
  • 4 = if you're in the room, you're going to hear these toys
  • 5 = with these toys, you might hear them even if you aren't in the room (but it's a trade off of the power with the volume)

Again, we want to caution you that these are subjective ratings. If you have any specific questions or concerns about volume or vibrator intensity, please contact us, and we'll be happy to give you more information.


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