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This is our least favourite category of sex toys for many reasons. Mostly, we think using a list of 'best selling sex toys' to figure out what sex toy you want is a terrible way to buy a sex toy. Sometimes sex toys are 'best sellers' because the company spends a lot of cash on ads, or because a product has become a near monopoly in a particular category, or because a worker owner woke up on a particularly good side of the bed happened to write an atypically great review of a product causing us to struggle to keep the "Best American Erotica 1997" in stock for a full decade.

Having said all of that, sometimes sex toys sell well because they're just that awesome! So, obviously, feel free to use this list however you'd like, but always remember that a well marketed sex toy is different than an amazing sex toy, and just because something sells well, that doesn't mean that you're going to love it.

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