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Erotic Art Books

A visual feast of erotic art books, magazines, and erotic comix featuring erotic painting, photography, and erotic illustration.

Elisha Lim's 100 Crushes is a compilation of the last 5 years of their queer comics. A beautiful collection of their queer-iconic (queerconic? gaymous?) art and storytelling that explore the actualities of gender, queer desire, family, community, and survival, this... Read more

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“Isn't everything fabulous in this world just a little bit gay?” This notion is celebrated on every unique page for you to explore and color, made up of inked and framed line drawings with beautiful typography, reminiscent of a handsomely... Read more
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From the publisher: The world's oldest and most widely read guide to the pleasures and techniques of sex, the Kama Sutra was compiled in the fourth century A.D. by a Brahmin and religious scholar name Vatsyayana, who worked from texts... Read more
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Crayons ready? Long before "adult colouring books" were a *thing*, Tee Corrinne released the "Cunt Colouring Book" in 1975. Full of wonderous and beautiful vulvas, this book originated as a sexual education tool and became a full-on tool of cunt... Read more
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This delightful title is notorious for offending the bleeping heck outta Amazon reviewers ("It's frankly pornographic!"), and we could not be happier to be stocking it here!  Colouring for adults isn't just meditative and relaxing - it can also be... Read more
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This amazing little volume by Magnus Frederiksen really puts the "adult" right the into "adult colouring book"! Chock-full of beautifully illustrated kinky scenes, "The Fetish Coloring Book" features pup-play, sex toys, chainsaw wielding hotties, uniformed twins, rope bondage, play pools... Read more
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For those who dream of training their very own human pony and folks who would love to set their inner equine run free, The Human Pony is the must-have guide. Filled with glossy pages of great human ponies at play... Read more

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For lovers of Michael Manning, this is the ultimate Manning collection. Bursting with erotic images compiled from a decade of Manning’s shows, private commissions and personal collection. From pony girls to cyber punk sex slaves to extreme bondage, Manning’s artwork... Read more

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This playful hardcover book features pages upon pages filled with little but mysterious numbered dots - only you can uncover the sexy and timeless images hidden within! With English text quotes from the Kama Sutra, this playfully modern take on... Read more

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A range of intimate, honest sexual interactions. This black & white photographic collection by Michael Rosen shows paired and single lovers (including a triad and a couple of quads) in explicit, often extreme, yet stylish and passionate lovemaking poses. Hardcover.... Read more
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Milkweed is a sex-positive feminist magazine based in Toronto, featuring writing, photography, and visual art from around the world. Marrying zine ethos and colourful digital design, Milkweed is a unique source for erotica.

Issue IV explores fantasy. In this issue,... Read more

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Oh joy, indeed! Following an inspiring crowdfunding campaign, Erika Moen's beautiful, educational, and entertaining Oh Joy Sex Toy has emerged in book form - and we're among the very first to have it in our hands and in our shop.... Read more
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Oh joy! The second volume of Erika Moen's beloved Oh Joy Sex Toy is out and available in Canada! Covering all kinds of sex in the form of toy reviews, education pieces, interviews and more. With her positivity, terrible puns... Read more

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If you loved the classic Cunt Coloring Book and the indie fabulous Coloring Book of Kink, here's another one to add to your creative collection! With 101 line drawings of stylized hetero couples and almost psychedelic pattern backgrounds, you can... Read more

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Famed photographer Sheryl Nields brings burlesque superstar Dita Von Teese to life in a series of flip books that capture the dancer′s most intimate performances. A perfect collectible book for fans of Dita, classic burlesque devotees, or for anyone who... Read more

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