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Pumps & Suction

Folks are always asking us "do pumps work?", and with much earnestness, we reply "of course! we would never stock something that didn't work!" only to inevitably realize moments later that we all have different ideas of what it means to work and specifically, we all have different assumptions about what it is exactly that pumps do.

We stock pumps for all sorts of reasons - they're amazingly fun sensation toys, they draw blood into any erectile tissue causing it to be erect, and they come in all sorts of shapes for all sorts of body parts. Pumps truly transcend gender, sexuality, and orientation in a way no other category of sex toy can.

Whether you're using a pump on a penis, clitoris, nipple, breast, vulva, or rosebud, there's one thing your pump will not and should not do: they will not permanently enlarge anything.

These silicone caps can create small vacuums when pinched & then placed on smooth skin. They're kind of like tiny and gentle pumps for nipples. A great introductory nipple-play toy, due to their milder sensation from other Tweezer, Alligator, or... Read more

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Length: 7"
Width: 1.75"

We think pumps are wicked fun sex toys, and this affordable, entry-level pump is a great way to discover the joys of suction! While the Head Coach is designed specifically for penises, you can use it anywhere you find erectile... Read more

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Cylinder Length: 3"
Cylinder Width: 1.5"

Our Mini Pump is a similar offering as our Head Coach pump: an inexpensive plastic pump great for introductory play! Create a seal over any erectile tissue, such as nipples or genitals, and pump blood to the surface of the... Read more

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This cushion is designed and provided by the same folks who make our quality LA Pumps penis cylinders and pumps. Silicone Cushions can be a helpful addition to penis cylinders, since they will help the cylinder create a stronger seal... Read more
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Check out LA Pump's Portable Electric Hand Pump for easy pumping anywhere, any time! Plug it in or take it on the town with 4 AA batteries (not included), this hand-held pump is great for traveling with, for beginners and... Read more
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Brassy and bold and easy to control! This Deluxe Brass Pump from LA Pumps makes one-handed pumping easy, and the included gauge gives you a visual representation of how much vacuum pressure you're applying. Hose included. Read more
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Looking to expand your pump repertoire? Want to add more functionality to your pumping plans? The Buddy T-Hose from LA Pumps lets you add a second cylinder to your LA Pump. Read more
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Get pumped up about this Brass Pump from LA Pumps! Compatible with all LA Pump cylinders, this basic pump is especially great to use when you have more than two hands at your disposal. Pump can be detached from the... Read more
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Length: 1.5"
Width: 3"

his stretchy sleeve fits over the openings of most penis pump cylinders, such as the ones we carry by LA Pumps. It stretches to accommodate pumps up to 3" wide. Remember that this pumping accessory adds some bulk to the... Read more

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