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Building Ethical Relationships in a Complicated World

Curated by Doris editor Cindy Crabb, Learning Good Consent looks at the culture of sexual consent from a standpoint which is both sexy and educational. During the course of 64 pages, Cindy and...
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The Bystander’s Handbook For the Prevention of Sexual Violence

Not On My Watch is a bystander training handbook to prevent sexual assault. It includes detailed information on consent, how to respond to inappropriate comments, specific strategies to intervene in bad...
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Got an STI (sexually transmitted infection)? Or just worried you'll get one? In this informative and crass zine, two sex therapists and a doctor cut through the mysteries and misinformation around STIs and tell you what you actually need to...
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Dating used to be a thing that most people did for a while. Now it's faded to take up a cramped and awkward space in between hooking up and instantly moving into together. If you woke up all alarmed and...
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Microcosm Publishing bestseller Dr. Faith takes on the fabulous topic of... masturbation! In her usual style of combining hilariousness with science, she breaks down the history of societal shame around self-pleasure, and offers practical and straightforward whys and hows of...
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What could possibly be more important than understanding our own bodies and knowing how to have sexual pleasure? This handy zine details the basic facts for you: No one is going to teach you how to orgasm or masturbate, so...
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How much of your sex life is informed by gender norms that you may not even be conscious of? Eli Sachse's zine is all about learning to explore your sexuality in a healthier way, with great boundaries and consent, whether...
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Women-pleasers, anticipation is the key to seduction. And this little guide demonstrates the proper techniques to providing the female-bodied with the ever-important orgasm. “Think of how you man-handle your penis and do the complete opposite of that.” This is good...
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The #MeToo Guide to Raising Boys (Formerly Beginner's Guide to Responsible Sexuality)

A brief look at a number of important questions facing heterosexual men who don't want to go along with sexist ideas about how to have sexual relationships. Why...
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Feminist Relationship Tools to Heal Yourself and End Rape Culture

Support encourages everyone to take a step back, listen, think, and talk about sex, consent, violence, and abuse. If you or someone you know have ever been assaulted or victimized,...
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Your Antidote to Fifty Shades of Grey

Our friend Dr. Faith is a counselor who helps a lot of people figure out their big questions in life. And one of the biggest ones she gets, like all the time, is...
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Go Fuck Yourself is a pro sex, trans friendly DIY sex toy making guide; reusing scraps like inner tubes and everything from restraints to strap-ons to whips, dildos, tit clamps and even a detailed instruction of how to make a...
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This illustrated zine is all about the nonverbal ways we can communicate about our desires for some casual nsfw fun. Queer Flagging 101 is a great introduction to what flagging is and how you can use it, plus a few...
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"Don't overthink what feels good. Your body is so much deeper than you can imagine."

Crushes, orgasms, dating, all the things about ourselves we tend to overthink...This poetry zine is about living authentically and embracing the things that make you...
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“The more you are willing to do, the more he will do in return.” That about sums it up. We are all selfish in bed, when it comes down to it, apparently. At least in the eyes of this author....
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Responding Appropriately To Abusive Relationships

Ever watched a friend struggle in an abusive relationship and felt helpless watching it happen? Ever wondered what to say or do, or felt that you couldn't say the right thing? Do you know how...
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A Mama's Guide to Sex After Baby

Lee Holloway makes amazing, useful, empowering, and hilarious sex zines, packing a whole lot of usefulness and sass into a compact and portable format! Her latest zine, How to Get Your Groove Back......
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An Introductory Guide for Sex Educators & Able-Bodied Allies

A brief introduction to the theory and practice of taking the ableism out of sex education. Starting with some basic concepts and terms (like "intersectionality" and "compulsory able-bodiedness"), moving on to...
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Better Relationships Through Self Knowledge

"Who am I?" "What do I want?" These basic little questions can be some of the toughest to answer for humans in this age of anxiety. How to Love Me is a workzine for figuring...
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An Anti-Oppression Toolkit for Relational Healing

Fizz Perkal and Leah Jo Carnine were both drawn to "self-help" books because of the strong tools for self-growth they can provide, but found themselves alienated by frameworks that all too often are written...
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Getting Your Groove on Safely, Pleasurably, and Satisfyingly

Sex tools! Also known as sex toys or sexual aids, these essential tools for the good life include such devices as dildos, vibrators, butt plugs, scarves, ticklers, needles, and whatever your awesomely...
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