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Je Joue is one of those very few sex toy makers that has managed to capture our attention - and sexual imaginations - since they launched their self-titled debut Je Joue sex toy over a decade ago. Je Joue has always been ahead of their time from their early focus on teledildonics with the original Je Joue, to their truly gorgeous and powerful Uma and Mimi.

The intensely rumbly and intense Je Joue Uma, Fifi, Mio, and Mimi, are silky smooth, gorgeous and always reasonably priced given their exceptionally high quality. Their modular line is our favourite mini vibe of the decade - why buy so sex toys, when you can buy one powerful motor and a bunch of attachments to suit your pleasure?!?

Based in the UK, Je Joue is one of a handful of sex toy manufacturers that is conscious of their environmental footprint, and actively challenges the wisdom eco-marketing practices of some of their competitors.

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