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Welcome to Come As You Are! Founded as a worker-owned co-operative in 1997, we have a fundamentally anti-capitalist and feminist approach to sexual pleasure, health, and education. We don't profit from your pleasure and we only stock products that we truly love and believe in. We offer a hassle-free, in-house warranty on every item we stock and our shipping and billing is extraordinarily discreet. We've been voted "best sex shop" in Toronto since 1997. Want to learn more? Read our frequently asked questions, find out more about us, check out our core values, read our reviews, or peruse our media archive! Have questions or need advice? We're always happy to help, so get in touch!

When the best sex toy is also the worst

If you read our last newsletter, you'll likely already know that we don't pay a lot of attention to media hype or sales reports when it comes to deciding what to stock in our shop or what we recommend to folks online and in-store.

Our focus has always been on listening to your wants, needs, and experiences to help you find your path to your own sexual pleasure and actualization.

So, you'll likely not be surprised to find that we bristle at being asked what our best selling sex toys are (I genuinely don't know as of writing this) and loathe when the media decides what the best sex toy is.

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