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Cannalife Pleasure Oil 30ml

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Handmade with love in British Columbia, we're excited to offer Cannalife Botanicals' cannabis-infused products. This hot-topic plant has a lot to offer, including properties that may help promote blood flow, alleviate pain, regenerate skin, provide anti-inflammatory support, and relax muscles. Topical products containing cannabis are very rarely psychoactive - they simply have a slight, uh, musky smell!

This pleasure oil, scented with frankincense and myrrh, is designed to be applied to pleasure-zones inside or outside the body to promote blood flow, and to perhaps intensify or change sensation in the area. This isn't really meant as a lube... more so as the cherry on top!

Please note that this product is only available to folks in Canada!

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Ingredients: Liquid coconut oil (MTC), CO2 extracted THC oil, essential oil blend of myrrh and frankincense.

Base: Oil-based
Paraben-free: Yes
Vegan: Yes

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