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Fun Factory Fun Cup: Size A Kit

Regular price $50.00

This gender neutral menstrual cup kit from Fun Factory is a delightful addition to the high-quality offerings from Fun Factory! Included in each kit are 2 Fun Cups, plus a storage bag. Featuring a comfortably shaped design, and, light texturing at the tip to help with insertion and removal, these made in Germany silicone cups are sure to be a classic in a hot second!

The Size A Kit details!:

  • 5.32 cm/2.1” long, 3.95 cm/1.56” diameter, 20ml volume
  • Firmer silicone for greater control while placing & adjusting a smaller sized cup
  • Helpful for lighter flow, folks who haven't given vaginal birth, or folks with a shorter vaginal canal
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Made of Silicone
Made in Germany
Phthalate-free: Yes
Latex-free: Yes