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Large Dual Density Delight

Large Dual Density Delight

Dimensions: 7.75" x 1.875"

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This dildo features a squishy life-like texture, realistic design, and super-human suction cup. Further, it's available at a stunningly great price - especially when compared to its handmade peers. However, if you've got the budget for it, check out our dildos by Vixen Creations - their dual density silicone dildos are unparalleled!

Specifications for Large Dual Density Delight

  • Hardness & Density: Hardness Rating: Soft

  • Made of Silicone
  • Made in China
  • Insertable Dimensions: 7.75" x 1.875"
  • Weight: 468g
  • Anal Compatible: Yes
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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
j.a. (Ontario, Canada)

i was worried at first that it would be too big but it ended up being perfect for me. it’s big enough that it feels big but not too much so. it’s my new favourite dildo

Anonymous (Ontario, Canada)

The dildo perfectly fits and is of great material!

R.N. (Ontario, Canada)
A delightful surprise

Ordered this online, not 100% sure if it would hit the spot -- it's now by far my favourite toy. Nice and girthy, and the dual-density means it stands up to use but still feels nice and soft on the skin! The veiny texture can be a lot, but otherwise, a great time.

S.G. (Ontario, Canada)

Long, fattest near the tip, and tapering slightly down the shaft. Superb if you like full and deep! Chunky enough to be a challenge, and soft enough to be friendly. I love this dildo!

E.S. (Ontario, Canada)
Good Fun!

I got this dildo from CAYA about a month ago, I really enjoy it. I use the suction cup as a handle, and it does the trick! It is a little girthy, but with a tiny bit of lube we are ready to rock and roll, I have only used it for solo vaginal play, but my partner is keen on using it on me. I do like girth, so for me it feels full and satisfying. I would recommend to anyone who seeks girth with softness and some detail that can be felt.

D.J. (Ontario, Canada)
Loud, bright, large, good.

Not sure if it's the size or the veins, but this is pretty loud in action, so watch out if you live with someone you don't want to know about this. Veins could maybe have been less pronounced IMO. The dual density means they feel soft to your fingers but can be a lot in use. Using a condom might help. The pink colour is fluorescent Barbie, and makes my tie bright Vixskin look like a tastefully muted mahogany-tinted rainbow. About as bendable as Vixskin IMO, comparable anyway. Pretty heavy, esp at thick part beneath head. I probably could have done without the suction cup -- the toy is bent upward enough that it falls over if set on the ground with the cup NOT engaged, but sticks to the ground really hard with cup engaged. There's a gap between the cup and the base that seems like it might be hard to clean and dry. Not crazy about buying mass-produced Chinese products, but price sure is right, and at least CAYA is super ethical. Overall very satisfied.

Get'R Done!

I am very pleased with this toy. This is getting used for anal play and it leaves me feeling very full that is for sure. For its size it is very forgiving. That is what I like most about it. The dual-density is not as noticeable as on some toys on the shaft but the head has a lovely soft feel about it making sure that inserting it feels fairly natural. Due to it's size I find the veins become a little to intense after a while of extended use. I am happy enough with it to purchase the smaller one :) So yes recommended.

So huge

I love the super soft squishy outer layer! Perfect for someone who is looking for a big, girthy and realistic toy that can really fill you up. Definitely not for beginners.