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NYTC STP & Packing Strap

NYTC STP & Packing Strap

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New York Toy Collective has now released their own packing strap, and, we couldn’t be happier with it! Not only does it perfectly hold their Sam STP in place, but, it’s a simple design that can be easily used to hold many other brands of packers in place, not just NYTC's bestselling Archer or Pierre. Made with sturdy elastic, and, designed to be worn at top of the thigh, this strap also has two loops installed, so, the wearer can either pack with their shaft pointing up OR down! For correct sizing, measure the circumference at the very, very top of your thigh, where the leg opening of tightie whiteys would be.  Packer sold separately, obvs.

XXS: 14-15"
XS: 16-18"
Small: 19-21"
Medium: 22-24"
Large: 25-28"
XL: 29-32"
XXL: 33-37"

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Specifications for NYTC STP & Packing Strap

  • Made of Elastic
  • Made in USA
  • Weight: 20g
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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews

It worked perfectly but I need a new one because I got the wrong size other than that it’s amazing

It's somewhat functional

Had to cut the thread to make the hole big enough, even though I have the Sam STP that they say works well with it - the hole just isn't anywhere near the right size to start. It also can be positioned so that it's in the right spot for packing, but tends to drift down to between the legs, where it should be for peeing, which is uncomfortable. I don't love it, but it's technically functional.


Pretty meh, tbh. The hole where the shaft of the Sam goes through the harness is SO tight and small that I was terrified I was going to rip the silicone of my dick putting it through. Some of the stitching ripped as I eased it though, too. The pressure of the tight hole closed the shaft of the STP a bit.
Also, while the design means that the Sam is in the right spot for STP use, it also means that you have an STP between your legs all day which is extremely uncomfortable. You also have to bend the shaft of the Sam in half and tuck it into the elastic band on the harness so that you don't have a raging boner.. but this is going to tear the silicone in no time.
Not the greatest design, imo, but perhaps it will work for others.

Anonymous (Quebec, Canada)
not good for packing or STP

Nice idea in concept. In reality, it's positioned too low to comfortably use for packing. You'll end up sitting on your packer. Not to mention, as another commenter mentioned, the loop to tuck the end of your packer will either eventually cause the silicone to rip, or the stitches to come undone. For the STP function, also not ideally positioned. Disappointing acquisition, I never used it outside my home.