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Packer Gear Jock Strap

Packer Gear Jock Strap

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Oof, we're in love with this packing strap! Or, should we say harness? This bad boy does it all! This product features a simple & stretchy jock-strap design, with two installed pouches that can accommodate a vibrating bullet. It's snug, minimalist, and machine washable - all of our favourite things! The O-ring can hold dildos up to 1.5" inches wide. Further, this harness is compatible with double dildos like the Fuze Tango Real. 95% cotton, 5% spandex.

XS/Small fits hips approx 26" to 38"

Med/Large fits hips approx 30" to 42"

Large/XL fits hips approx 34" to 52"

XL/2X fits hips approx 39" to 60"


Specifications for Packer Gear Jock Strap

  • Made of Cotton
  • Made in China
  • Weight: 50g
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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Anonymous (Ontario, Canada)
fit is perfect and looks hot!

This harness is soft, comfy, perfectly proportioned, and looks super cute on- great value for the cost!

Excellent purchase... Quite frankly I came on here today to buy 2 more, so I can always have one...

First off, I am a bigger guy, so I needed something to fit my waist and hips. The XL-2xl I bought is actually a bit loose for me, so I am sizing down one on my next purchase so it fits more snugly. I love the feel of my packer when I wear loose boxers with this harness. It's so liberating! I can totally understand why some cis guys only wear boxers. I tend to wear boxer briefs with my packer tucked in between the front flaps, but I have been looking to find something more stable to keep me from having to adjust so many times a day. This is, by far, the best harness I have tried. The last one I had, the packer hole was down too far and it made it go down my leg. Not the best look- not very natural feeling, either. This harness doesn't chafe (it'svery soft), washes well in the washer ( I use a bag for delicates and use the delicate cycle), and keeps everything securely in place. For reference, I use a medium or large Mr. Limpy, and the hole in front works perfectly for it.

Super Comfy & Flexible as a Play Harness

I love the soft fabric of this strap, and appreciate that it's easily washable (which I've only done by hand, not by machine). I use it mostly as a play harness, often doubling it up with a boxer harness for extra stability. With a play schlong that has a smaller base, I use it with a neoprene stabilizer I got from RodeOh, which helps it stay in place. I do recommend this strap, and use it regularly.

Great first packing strap

For me, this strap is almost ideal. It's affordable, it feels secure on my body, and I appreciate the multiple ways a packer or dildo can be worn with it. The description says it's machine washable. I haven't tried that yet, but the tag on the item says to hand wash, and that's something I'm comfortable doing and probably will do to prolong the lifespan of the garment. It is something that will require regular washing, and I'm probably going to invest in at least one more. I prefer to have a pacing strap that I can wear underneath my clothes as opposed to one that attaches to my clothes.

The Mr Limpy XS does risk falling out if not positioned snugly against the body. This can take some adjustment but is a non issue if wearing the strap under another undergarment. I imagine that less flexible dicks or ones with a larger base would not be at risk of falling out of this harness.

Good but large ring.

I really like this harness. Its fits me perfectly and I'm not afraid to go out in public packing anymore. The only issue is the ring to hold the packer in place is too big for my packer (mr limpy) and it will slip out. But if you tuck a wad of kleenex under the shaft it doesn't really move. I like it.

Not great if you don't want your packer sticking out the ring.

I feel weird about how it looks/feels if your cock is all HELLO I'M GONZO'S NOSE on the front of your underwear, but if you tuck it inside the pocket by itself is not really sized or set up to hold things securely. If you have a packer with a grippy texture it will more or less stay put but if you've freshly cornstarched your buddy it'll travel around. If you plan to wear underwear over it, or don't mind the SPROING look, it would be fine, but it's not for me. Feels more like a harness that incidentally can hold a packer than something made to do both well.

C. (Ontario, Canada)

I should have noticed from thr pictures that the leg straps for thid harness actually meet the waistband toward the back, not the front.

So unlike most jockstrap harnesses, the straps don't go around to the front, they're positioned more like the back of bikini cut underwear and instead you constantly feel like you're about to get a wedgie.

The elastic itself is very soft and would probably be comfortable to wear for the day, but I've never kept it on for more than about half an hour before i get sick of it and throw it in the laundry.

I do appreciate the elastic inside the pouch to hold the back of the packer closer to the body. I can't remember if it holds a Pierre size small at an appropriate height, and don't want to dig it out right now.

I ignored the instructions and machine washed it in a delicates bag but did hang it to dry, and it's developing a tear where the top of the pouch meets the waistband. I have only worn and washed it two or three times. Would rather spend more to get another Spareparts Pete harness even tho its elastic is not as comfy

A little too simple - too big

Getting this let me know what I need: -adjustable straps -replaceable rings
The elastic straps are too big in the back so there's not enough support. The ring is also too wide for my toy of choice and sewn in place, not interchangeable.
The appearance is alright. As a harness it would be okay with a larger toy over a couple layers so it's not loose. As a packing strap, it works, but I personally don't like the position of the pouch on the body.
Overall, seems like it would work as a budget option if you have a bigger butt than me, but based on my own experience, I can't give it a good rating.