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Play Wax Pillar Candle

Play Wax Pillar Candle

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How amazing are these Play Wax candles?! These low temperature candles are made in Waterloo by a small company, and are available in a huge rainbow of colours. Made with paraffin wax, plus dye and a hardening agent, they're designed specifically for wax play.

Also Available in UV colours

Specifications for Play Wax Pillar Candle

  • Made in Canada
  • Weight: 128g
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Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
C.T. (British Columbia, Canada)
Perfect pleasure to pain ratio

My girlfriend found the melting point of these candles to be the perfect balance of pain to pleasure when used on her (and would recommend using rated/bdsm specific candles during fun times; i learned that the hard way...).

R.N. (Ontario, Canada)
Well Made, Good Consistency

These candles have a good melting point -- not too high as to be painful, but also not so soft that they're used up too quickly. But they do get misshapen if left in hot temperatures. As others noted, the wax scrapes off skin quite easily. I will be buying more.

C.W. (Ontario, Canada)
Feels Luxe

My partner and I have played with the mass produced waxplay candles and they were okay, but had their downsides. I was pleasantly surprised by this one that I got when walking by CAYA one day. I got the green colour but it doesn't really stain skin like the mass produced ones, melts extremely quickly and pools easily for faster play, comes off the skin quite easily when scraped, and has a good amount of intensity in terms of heat. Be careful about how fast it pools though, it's quite painful when splashed on skin.
Overall really pleased with this candle and will be back for more colours!

S.L. (Ontario, Canada)
Great candle for your nightstand

I like that this candle is a decent size, so I can keep it out on display among the other secretly sexy things in my room. The candle burns at a low temp which means the wax isn't *too* hot when it drips on you - but since it's so soft it will melt slightly in your hand, rub off on things it's stored with and may melt if left in the sun on a hot July day... so keep this in mind!

E.A. (Ontario, Canada)
Cheap and cheerful AND locally made

These wax candles do the trick, have an artisanal, local quality, and come in whatever colour you need to suit the mood. And at a reasonable price. Highly recommend.

A. (Ontario, Canada)
Great for first time

Never tried wax play before and wasn’t sure if it was for me. I ordered two of these candles (purple and green) and they have been so much fun.

I will warn that the wax will get everywhere, so put down some old sheets.

Fortunately the wax comes off easily. A bit harder for the hairy chested, but still not bad.

S.B. (British Columbia, Canada)

A great introductory candle to use for self wax play. I run hot so I had to use a glove to help keep my fingers clean while using it.

Great beginner candle

fun for a beginners entry into sensation play and the colour are super pretty!


the wax is a little more difficult to control than other brands I've tried, but it feels amazing and has amazing colour.