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Unicorn Collaborators Thigh Harness

Unicorn Collaborators Thigh Harness

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If there's one thing we love more than traditional strap-on harnesses it is harnesses that allow you to attach sex toys to all sorts of body parts. Thigh harnesses make penetration play a lot easier for most folks - it takes all sorts of pressure off of your lower back and gives you more leverage for longer and harder play. These soft, supple garment leather thigh harnesses from the folks at Toronto's Unicorn Collaborators come with two straps for more stability and fun! Fits up to a 30" thigh.

Specifications for Unicorn Collaborators Thigh Harness

  • Made of Leather
  • Made in Canada
  • Ring Diameter: 1.5", 2"
  • Weight: 250g
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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
B.F. (Manitoba, Canada)
a game changer!

love this harness! It looks sexy on, is super comfortable to wear, and just works really well! It allows penetration while also letting my partner and to grind up on one another the way we would if we were having non-penetrative sex - which feels really natural and intituitive and great. My partner has some limited mobility, and this strap is a real game changer - much easier to use than a traditional harness. A+ great purchase!

J. (Ontario, Canada)
Great for chronic pain babes and bigger bodies

My partner and I got one at a custom larger size (the seller is the kindest person) and it's still generous w how much room there is left. It's great if you've got a big belly and find toy (or bio dick) lengths feel shorter as a result. And it's absolutely perfect for having someone sit in your lap. Beautiful soft leather. Very well made. Will absolutely buy this brand again.

J.L. (Ontario, Canada)
What a harness...!!!

It's perfect for the thigh as well as other parts of the body. Just gotta use some creativity. Five out of five stars for sure.

L. (Ontario, Canada)
I was worried they undercharged me honestly

This harness is absolutely beautiful. Gorgeous, sexy, comfortable, quality, functional. I genuinely worried that the shop undercharged me when I got the harness in my hands. The leather feels and smells so lovely.

It feels snug and cosy on, and even though the listing says it fits thighs up to 30 inches, the widest part of my thigh is 27 inches and there is lots of leather left over to adjust for much wider thighs.

It also just looks really good and classic. I might wear it somewhere queer for something a little kinky added to my look.

I'm really excited, and I look forward to getting more gear from Unicorn Collaborators.

So much versatility!

Really love this harness, it's become a regular in play sessions. The leather quality is top notch, and it fits quite secure on the thigh (and really any other part of your body! ;)). It also gives me a lot more control than a regular harness, which I love. Really great quality for the price. Highly recommend!

H.Y. (Alberta, Canada)

Feels very high quality and expensive. I am a novice at using it, so for me it could have used some more instructions - I was confused at first about the extra O ring and was trying to figure out how to incorporate it into the harness!

Overall it is amazing, feels luxe, and is super fun and comfortable to use

K.B. (Ontario, Canada)
amazing AF

loved this thigh harness! as someone who struggles with control of a strap on, i found i have much more control with the thigh harness. and also, it looks sexy as hell. the leather is phenomenal and feels really great on your skin - and don't get me started about the color!

C. (Ontario, Canada)
Supple, rich, functional, and sexy AF

I struggled to find though harnesses that didn't look like geriatric medical supply or an athletic support. This *beautiful* piece of work accommodated my very large thigh and it was a pleasure to use.
The leather is so supple and the red colour is amazing. 10/10

Love this

The harness is super adjustable, the leather feels really nice, its just super well made. The colour is perfect, it doesnt dig into anybody at any point. The metal parts feel solid and the leather is soft. Love it!