How to Pick the Perfect Valentine's Gift

Over the past 24 years, you have helped us learn a lot about what makes a perfect Valentine's Day gift - and which gifts will almost always inevitably cause relationship disaster. Heck, we've also learned a lot of these lessons ourselves (the hard way).

 Honestly, I'm envious of all of you that don't work at a co-op sex shop, because the first rule of Valentine's gift giving is to not give something from your own job. That's as true of working at a sex shop as it is working at a coffee shop. Using your employee discount is almost universally a huge turn off.

Assuming you don't work at a sex shop, the easiest route to successful sex toy gift giving is the upgrade! What is your loved one's favourite sex toy? Okay, now, do a little research and find something similar, but better! If they love the Magic Wand Original, bump them up to a Magic Wand Rechargeable or a Doxy Die-Cast. Are they enamoured of a Satisfyer Penguin? Upgrade them to a We-Vibe Melt! Do they love that generic Dual-Density Delight? Invest in a handmade artisanal dual-density dildo from Vixen Creations. Go from a Fun Factory Bootie to a Peace Lily Glass Plug. Swap out that Tenga Flip Hole for that flashy new We-Vibe Arc Wave Ion (drool). 

 If you've never shared a sex toy with your partner(s) or if you don't know if your friend or loved one has a sex toy, this is not the time to introduce one. I know, I know, you genuinely want to expand their sexual horizons and you just want them to experience more sexual pleasure in their life, but omg, just don't. All gifts are laden with meaning and expectation on some level, but sex toys are just dripping with meaning (and not in a good way!). You are just as likely to induce feelings of shame and pressure and inadequacy as you are likely to be appreciated for your initiative. Stick to some nice massage oil and a gift card, and you can go shopping together or leave the decision entirely in their very capable hands. 

Oh, and stay the heck away from The Ultimate Guide to Fellatio while you're at it, and consider a sexy colouring book instead. Everyone should have a sexy colouring book, right?

Another safe bet is gifting a sex toy that is adjacent to something they already own. If your loved one loves harness play, what about a thigh harness or a hand harness or even a harness for their boot (for real, that's a thing). If you already play with restraints, check out an Under the Bed bondage kit. If you love dildo play, scope out a fancy double dildo you can use together. The list goes on.

We know that without risk, there is no reward, but this Valentine's Day, make it a calculated risk.

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